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The Cascoo EVA twin-wheel caster series is intended for use on medical devices. Its unique design combines soft and hard wheel tread structures, making handling and moving a trolley more flexible and effortless. While improving the stability and safety of the medical equipment, it is also designed to work quietly, with excellent shock absorption, anti-skid, and cushioning capabilities. EVA has a convenient and user-friendly braking system. Simply lower the braking lever to lock the wheels, and gently lift the lever to release. There is also enough room on the brake lever for all types of shoes, including safety and hospital footwear. Furthermore, the smooth concave structure on both sides of the wheels reduces dust accumulation, makes cleaning simple, and is ideal for a long service life. EVA's clean and durable design reflects its ability to provide medical staff and patients with a safe, stable, and fluid experience. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Life Science

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