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Growing vegetables by oneself and thus maintain a healthier diet is an approach that has become highly popular. However, since most people are often busy and do not have enough time to cultivate vegetables, the Farmy Farmy concept presents itself as a well thought-out alternative. Coming in an appealing package, it is an assortment of vegetables and lettuces already planted in pots. This keeps the vegetable fresh for a long time and it can be harvested immediately whenever desired. The packaging design picks up on the aspect of freshness and conveys this through handcrafted colour illustrations that visualise the respective plant. The subtly coloured illustrations are printed on a protective cardboard cover that safely holds both the pot and the plant itself. The product comprises four different packaging models, each with a handle on the top for easy transporting and carrying.

Statement by the Jury

This work impresses with a consistent combination of graphics, illustration and structural packaging design. The basic conceptual idea of harvesting fresh vegetables by oneself is conveyed and visualised congenially through beautifully crafted illustrations. These packages are not only easy to move and carry, they are also self-explanatory in application. Farmy Farmy thus delivers a homogeneous concept in every respect.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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