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F&C Drain Assembly

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The drainage system allows water to drain with 30 litres per minute, while a cellular filter reliably collects hair and other soiling from the bathtub. A magnet-structure inner core allows the interior to open when the water flows; when there is no water, it automatically snaps back. The silicone seal ring at the bottom of the magnet is non-toxic, non-stick and chemically stable and helps to prevent malodour and bacteria inside the drainage system. The drain pipe features a universal joint with a rotation angle of 270 degrees. This allows installation in very differing wall conditions. The drainage pipe is made of copper, which also prevents the formation of bacteria.

Statement by the Jury

F&C Drain Assembly meets all the requirements of a modern drainage system: the water runs off quickly and residues are reliably caught. The material has an antibacterial effect.

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