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Evolution to perfection

Sports cars of the superlative like those by Ferrari with their strong association with racing are constantly sounding out new possibilities in technology and design. The design of the Ferrari Portofino has picked up on classic GT characteristics and fascinates with a fresh, new design language that appeals directly to the emotions. Following the Ferrari design philosophy, the aim was to hone every aspect to perfection, in particular its lines and the cockpit. The functional demands of a car with 2+2 seating, such as access to the rear seats as well as a suitably roomy trunk, have been optimally realised in terms of proportions and are marked by a fastback architecture that sits further back. The result is that this Ferrari showcases an impressively sculptured modelling that gives shape to the body. A significant challenge in designing the Portofino was the size of the retractable hardtop. This was solved to impressive effect by cleverly masking the volume in height and resulted in the first coupé of its kind with a remarkably sleek, aerodynamic fastback line running all the way to the tail and visually masking the bulk of the hardtop assembly even when the top is retracted. The Ferrari Portofino invites drivers to embrace both dynamic, sporty driving and the pleasures of taking the car for a more relaxing spin.

Statement by the Jury

Embodying an impressive evolutionary advancement, the Ferrari Portofino fascinates with an exciting design language. It comes across as a fascinating sculptural statement. The integration of the retractable hardtop presents an optimal solution. The haunting elegance is further underscored by the uncompromising quality in material and workmanship. The Ferrari Portofino is the perfect embodiment of novel approaches that point into the future.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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