Body Trimmer

First Shaving Series ER-GK20


Form and identity The way we deal with body hair is culturally shaped and subject to changing trends as well as fashion. The ER-GK20 body trimmer is part of a series specifically designed to meet the needs of teenagers going through puberty. Its shape and functionality addresses the fact that teenagers in puberty have to deal with body hair growth for the first time in their lives. As a new type of trimmer, its design is aimed to help dispel the teenagers’ psychologically based concerns such as fear of shaving for the first time or shyness over shaving in general. For users, therefore, this type of device was to be easy and gentle to use right from the start. Teenagers were to be assured in a positive experience caring for their body hair. This trimmer rests ergonomically well balanced in the hand and delivers high precision and control for a detailed shave. Its rounded blade is especially gentle on sensitive areas of the body. During its comprehensive development phase, prototypes were used to adapt the materials, colouring and finish to the expectations of the target group. Featuring soft shapes and haptically pleasant materials, the device has been given an emotionalising effect. The result is a coherent overall appearance that contributes to creating a feel-good atmosphere for the target group.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the ER-GK20 body trimmer has emerged with exactly the right shape for its field of application. It lends a trimmer a new identity by breaking away from traditional specifications. With its gentle and friendly language of form, it addresses the target group directly and offers a high degree of self-explanatory functionality. This trimmer is also highly safe in use thanks to its special blade guidance. Ergonomically well-thought-out, it lies comfortably in the hand.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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