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Pure performance

Axes are among mankind’s oldest tools and generally display a very clear and pure aesthetics. The design of the axes of the Norden series embodies Finnish company Fiskars’ long heritage of axe craftsmanship, a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. An ­important objective in their design was to solve the typical problems of axes with wooden shafts, whose handles wear over time and become fragile. Therefore, the handles are made of hickory wood and the ­innovative FiberComp material, which lend them a high-quality appearance and excellent safety in use. It makes the handles virtually unbreakable, while at the same time offering a natural look and feel of ­fine-crafted wood. This goes hand in hand with an innovative over-moulded head-shaft connection that keeps the head securely locked to the shaft. Ergonomically, the axes rest very well in the hand also due to their perfect weight distribution, which allows working with them for a long time without fatigue. For high efficiency, they also feature blades with advanced ­geometry and extremely sharp cutting edges. Thanks to a special coating, the blades do not get stuck in the wood. These axes provide an outstanding performance and are very easy to handle. The axe range consists of smaller models which are suitable for camping, as well as universal and splitting axes with handles from 40 cm to 48 cm.

Statement by the Jury

The axes of the Norden series harmoniously combine the aesthetics of these traditional tools with the highly functional properties of the special FiberComp material. The handles made of premium hickory wood thus deliver both durability and a special feel. The high quality of these axes is visible at first glance. The axes rest perfectly in the hand, offering excellent performance and maximum safety thanks to the innovative connection between shaft and axe head.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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