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Fiskars Waterwheel Set

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Charming gardening helper

Watering gardens can at times be somewhat of a tedious undertaking, further hampered by tools and equipment that are inadequate for the task. The Fiskars Waterwheel Set introduces an innovative concept that allows for flexible watering. The appealing design of its housing contains all elements needed for effective watering. The consistently integrated storage compartment contains a tap connector for three different sized water taps, an adjustable nozzle spray gun, a sprayer support, a 15-metre reach high-quality hose, hose connectors, as well as a grass spike. Since all elements have their designated place, the Waterwheel is self-explanatory in use: it connects easily to a water tap and thus allows users to start watering immediately. Featuring an ergonomic design that weighs less than 3.5 kg, the watering system is easy to carry around in the garden. The hose is light to pull out for watering and easily reels in again after use. The Waterwheel is used in a horizontal position, which allows for 360-degree watering around the garden. Its shape impedes users from having to worry about tipping the reel or jamming the hose. In addition, after use, this watering system can also be easily and conveniently stored thanks to its compact round form. Featuring a design perfectly adapted to the work environment in gardens, the Waterwheel exudes a charming, ready-to-serve appearance – it turns watering into an unlimited source of pleasure.

Statement by the Jury

The extremely functional design of the Fiskars Waterwheel Set conveys a new lightness to garden watering tasks. This perfectly thought out system is easy to handle and prevents unnecessary complications in use right from the start. Its compact round shape offers many advantages and takes up little storage space itself. In addition, the integrated storage compartment comes in handy, as it contains all elements needed.

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