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In the spirit of Gertrude Stein, many people might say an axe is an axe is an axe – but they have never experienced a Fiskars axe. Even with such a basic tool as this, with so few elements, the precision-engineered optimisations can noticeably improve handling. When designing the X-series axes, product designers at Fiskars concentrated on improving balance and devoted their efforts to closely studying all of the movements involved in chopping wood. From raising the tool to splitting the log, the focus was on optimising swing speed and amplifying user strength. The development of the blades was also instrumental in creating an effective product: the wider cutting edge and splitting wedge improve performance and make the blades easier to remove from the cut. Moreover, the low-friction, stainless-steel blade coating glides smoothly through the wood. These features, in combination with the lightweight FiberComp handle, which absorbs shock and offers superior overstrike protection, make using the axe feel effortless. “The X-series meets every expectation we had of the brand and also surprised us with some pretty amazing improvements. Thanks to their ergonomic design and blade construction, these axes provide efficient support for chopping wood. The textured handle is a testament to an intelligent design that is also fun to use. It’s a ‘wow idea’ demonstrated in countless clever details,” the jurors concluded. As expected, Fiskars’ iconic design and high recognition value were also incorporated into this series. The black body of the axes contrasts well with the orange handle and sheath. But one axe is a cut above the rest of the series in terms of size and colour: the new, completely orange, ultra-light hiking axe is sized for easy carrying and stowing, not to mention single-handed use. The axe has a sheath for safety when driving tent stakes into the ground, and it comes with a belt loop and a reliable locking mechanism. Sometimes an axe isn’t just an axe.

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