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Smart flexibility

In our fast-changing world, flight passenger numbers are growing steadily. At the same time, passenger expectations towards trouble-free travelling processes are also evolving. This means that airports must adapt rapidly, while maintaining seamless operations in a limited footprint. Against this backdrop, FLEET was conceived as an impressively flexible solution for handling baggage. This innovative, sophisticated system can easily cope with and adapt to the rapidly changing conditions and demands of international airports. The system therefore utilises intelligent automated vehicles with a high degree of autonomy. This highly advanced AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) technology replaces the need for fixed baggage conveyors and sorting systems. Fascinating about it is the approach towards self-organisation: each individual vehicle in the fleet carries a single bag and determines its optimal route through the airport by itself. A vehicle may also be given priority for particular luggage to arrive on time, while it is easy to add more vehicles if needed. Not only impressive in terms of flexibility, functionality and stringent design, this system is also highly fail-safe, as a defective vehicle can be replaced quickly. Merging all these factors, this system pushes the boundaries towards future-proofing baggage logistics.

Statement by the Jury

As an extremely efficient baggage handling system, FLEET is able to simplify and speed up the baggage delivery process in modern airports. Comprised of intelligent automated robot vehicles, this system offers fascinating solutions to meet complex requirements. It is reliable, highly flexible and allows almost any adaptation to changing situations. It assists passengers in reclaiming their luggage safely and fast.

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