Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR T500-Series

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Precision and form

In many industrial and private areas, equipment or machinery needs to be inspected on a regular basis. The FLIR T500-Series thermal imaging cameras are a highly advanced precision instrument for such tasks including, for example, safeguarding against dangerous occurrences and risk of fire or preventing costly downtimes of industrial equipment right from the start. The innovative design of the camera meets the requirements of often long working hours in sometimes rough environments. Its sturdy metal body features a thick protective rubber coating and impresses with a compact yet elegant form. This makes the camera rest safely and pleasantly in the hand. The tool-inspired design is characterised by a high level of functionality, precision-tailored to the last detail. Equipped with sophisticated technology, the software and hardware seamlessly merge to achieve speedy workflows. This guarantees the ability to detect and analyse hidden problems in production facilities or electrical installations. The FLIR T500-Series thermal imaging cameras promote an intuitive approach toward operation also thanks to their ergonomic interface with touchscreen and soft buttons. The cameras serve as reliable partners for inspections in every possible situation, delivering detailed, high-quality thermal images.

Statement by the Jury

The FLIR T500-Series impresses with a consistent style that visualises robust quality and high reliability. This compact thermal imaging camera has been designed to withstand even the roughest working conditions. With its large display and additional soft keys, it offers intuitive operation for precise thermographic inspection work. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the device is comfortable to handle even during long working days.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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