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Flow is inspired by the flowing and rhythmic connotation of the word “flow”. It expresses the dynamic with a static condition, and the product’s elegant, tenacious vitality with smooth and continuous contour modelling. The large area of high permeability acrylic material hides behind the surface metal armour, and through the flashing RGB light effect, it reveals the product’s flowing beauty and characteristics. Flow motherboards include water-cooling solutions for the CPU and power supply. It has two memory slots and a one-button overclocking key on the horizontal side slot to effectively improve thermal armour coverage and heat dissipation performance. The portable operation can immediately achieve overclocking. It supports a split water-cooled chassis, and the entire machine uses water-cooled heat dissipation devices. When compared to traditional air-cooled cooling systems, the experimental use of water-cooled heat dissipation greatly improves the upper limit of heat dissipation under the same volume, which enhances product performance and reduces working energy consumption. With the rapid elimination of electronic products, we now have reason to consider the balance between serving users and assisting in environmental protection. The Flow motherboard employs extreme performance, fine craftsmanship, dependable product quality, and future-oriented design to provide users with more last products, thereby making technology greener. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Smart

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