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Frameless Display Case

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Fascinating purism

Objects or exhibits that are presented in a display case are “made visible” in a special way. The free-standing frameless display case astonishes viewers with its purist design at first glance. Adopting an innovative approach, this five-sided glass case has been designed with no frame at the top and a door that is invisible. The glass case rests on an ultra-thin steel base that provides the needed strength and stability. The underlying material concept is path-breaking: the construction has been built with 100 per cent recyclable, high-quality materials such as glass and steel. Produced in a wide range of sizes, this modern series of glass display cases evokes the maxims of simplicity and lightness through a design of refined lines paired with a minimum of visible components. Although designed without any visible opening system, this case can easily and comfortably be operated by one person alone. Assembled with very high precision and within extremely narrow tolerances, the frameless cases meet museum industry conservation standards. Targeted at museum applications, the cases can be fitted with an intelligent system comprising dimmable embedded lighting, motion sensors, as well as temperature, humidity and light monitoring (LUX). Thus, they offer highly valuable features to help maintain optimal preservation requirements for museum exhibits.

Statement by the Jury

The free-standing frameless display case is surprising in its simplicity and perfection. Their meticulous and accurate design manages to skilfully hide the underlying complexity. The case fascinates with its astounding functional details. All elements blend seamlessly together in a fascinating manner, hiding the actual opening system. The possibility of equipping the cases with an intelligent lighting and monitoring system offers many possibilities of use.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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