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France 4 – Turning Viewers into Users

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France 4 has been fully redesigned as the young and connected channel of the French public TV group. France 4 is thus not just another public broadcaster but a real cross media platform with the realignment that the audience’s contribution is at the heart of the brand. Whether smart or silly, viewer tweets are used as the lead-in for promos to create a special bond between the young audience and the network. Simplicity is another characteristic feature. Basic loops and GIFs serve as a link to the web culture. Solid plain colour plates, simple wipes and a unique font shape the consistent and powerful design, which is also compatible for smartphones. Each element is an opportunity to reinforce the user-contact with the network. The ad breaks, for example, are “designed” by users themselves via a dedicated app: the viewers can send in their mash-up creations and are credited if their creation is aired. This system creates a strong bond with the public as it puts the idea of dialogue centre stage as well as a constant renewal of mash-up images and short clips, which extends impact and fun to the on-air look of France 4.

Statement by the Jury

A modular structure, distinctive images and a reduced typography lend the branding of this media platform its intelligent design appearance. Above all, however, it convinces with the way it invites users to bond with it, for instance, by using their tweets as introductions to marketing measures. This results in surprising, humorous and constantly changing designs of high quality.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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