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Future Makers | Red Dot Design Award

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The new Siemens employer brand cele-brates their inspiring people. Co-created with R / GA, it was built to be modular, emotional, authentic and, most importantly, conversational. The warmest colours of the Siemens palette were used alongside more editorial typography, such as the Siemens Slab and a graphical device that resembles a speech bubble, to invite people to get closer to the brand. New technologies were used to create genuinely human experiences including a new mobile app for watching 360-degree videos through branded cardboard viewers. This immersed em-ployees and candidates around the world in each others’ lives and turned the workforce into a powerful communications channel.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Siemens AG, Munich, Germany
  • Design:
    R / GA, London, United Kingdom
  • Creative Direction:
    Will Cookson Igor Pancaldi
  • Design Direction:
    Matias Alvarez
  • Strategic Planning:
    Lachlan Williams
  • Production:
    Beth Brown
  • Editorial Direction / Publishing:
    Christopher Lockwood
  • Vice President Employer Branding / Social Innovation:
    Rosa Riera Siemens AG
  • Global Director Employer Branding:
    Christoph Knorn Siemens AG
Future Makers | Red Dot Design Award
Future Makers | Red Dot Design Award
Future Makers | Red Dot Design Award