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FYEO (For Your Ears Only) has set itself the goal of becoming number one in terms of diverse and unusual listening experiences. On the platform developed by audio experts, stories from the neighbourhood meet great entertainment and newcomers meet scene sizes – with content that aims at being inspiring. Classic podcasts (over one million of them are free, including radio plays) are hosted there, complemented by the FYEO Originals of high-quality stories, talks, documentaries and audio blockbusters. The design presents the formats with a visual appearance that is as simple as it is concise, unmistakably conveying the high standards in bold typography against a black background. The overall simple user interface shows what FYEO is all about: enabling and facilitating access to the content with a new visual experience. Real podcast lovers regularly compile recommendations making it easy to discover new content.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the FYEO app succeeds in clearly and loudly expressing the focus on the audio experience in times of visual overstimulation. The self-confident, trendy appearance with its simple font on a black background perfectly suits the service, which advertises itself with high quality and very differently prepared formats. Overall, the app projects an innovative appearance for an intuitive-to-operate service.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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