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GAFA Online Degree Show 2020

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The brand identity of the GAFA Online Degree Show 2020 visualises the graduation exhibition of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and, in reference to the still young graduates, uses graphic elements of pop-inspired playfulness. In particular, the appearance is based on a specially-designed typography whose individual letters serve as initials to promote the various focal points and which, as a combination of two letters for example, can also stand alone as an unusual eye-catcher. Showcasing a three-dimensional shape, the letters were designed on the basis of a closed circle that can be used in a myriad of diverse formations. Moreover, by applying transparent material to them, they can reflect and shine into neon colour to emerge as distinctive, independent objects. The letter pairs “GA” and “FA” were derived from the acronym for the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and layered together to form a single unit – impressively creating the illusion of visual interference and merging. The whole identity includes websites, WeChat posts, bags, posters, badges, T-shirts, notebooks and more.

Statement by the Jury

The brand identity of the GAFA Online Degree Show 2020 clearly stands out for its well-thought-out and excellently implemented features. Distinctive in its purely typographic approach, the identity successfully manages to convey the individual contents of the exhibition through letters that are just as lightly and playfully curved as they are aesthetic, and which have emerged as objects that reflect the creativity and virtuosity of the graduates.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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