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GLINT Berlin

GLINT Berlin | Red Dot Design Award

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Under the name “GLINT” a real estate project is presented which is transforming four historic Wilhelminian-style buildings in the centre of Berlin and successfully bringing them into the 21st century. In order to market this res-idential complex and to experience the awakening of an architectural jewel before its renovation, a book was produced with high standards in terms of concept, content and design. The fine linen cover, stylish embossing and heavy paper demonstrate the quality of this publication, which is only available as a limited edition in the GLINT apartment store and provides a foretaste of the project. Paying homage to a city and its specific lifestyle, the book takes its readers on a journey of discovery through Berlin in its awakening. It shows the architectural history of the group of buildings and introduces the protagonists of the project.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    COPRO Sales & Services GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Design:
    TPA Real Estate Brands GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Real Estate Owner:
    GT Development GmbH Berlin, Germany
  • Real Estate Development:
    COPRO Projektentwicklung GmbH Berlin, Germany
  • Managing Director:
    Nadir J. Guediri Marc F. Kimmich
  • Architecture:
    vBA Generalplanung GmbH Berlin, Germany
  • Concept:
    TPA Real Estate Brands GmbH
  • Editorial Work:
    Sebastian Bühler Nadir J. Guediri Anastasia Gräfin von Bothmer Christopher Graf von Bothmer Katrin von Raggamby
  • Creative Direction:
    Leonardo Vocino Sebastian Bühler
  • Art Direction / Editorial Design:
    Anna-Luise Lorenz
  • Illustration:
    Vivien Sorrentino
  • Photography:
    H.G. Esch Jonas Holthaus Ringo Paulusch Andreas Schimanski
  • Final Artwork / Image Editing:
    Martin Weiske Horst Weber
  • Copy-Editing:
    Tina Becker
  • Production / Printing:
    Daisy Joite Mailin Schweisgut
GLINT Berlin | Red Dot Design Award
GLINT Berlin | Red Dot Design Award
GLINT Berlin | Red Dot Design Award