Gomos Building System

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Building a house is no easy task. Gomos Building System turns the idea of the necessary complexity of doing so on its head by standardising the entire process. Each module leaves the factory completely ready, from the interior and exterior finishes, insulations, window frames, water and electricity installations, right down to its fixed furniture pieces. Assembly consists of simply joining these modules on site, shortening building times from months to a mere few days. Its design was driven by four key factors – flexibility, ease of transportation, energy efficiency, and construction quality. The modularity of the system allows for the concrete modules to be combined and adapted to different needs and spaces, while their dimensions were optimised to facilitate transportation and comply with all applicable legislation. Designed to be energy efficient, each module features natural ventilation methods and low-energy solutions to insulation and lighting. The system relies on components that are all produced in tightly controlled factory environments, avoiding construction problems that stem from human error and poor craftsmanship. Finally, Gomos Building System uses twenty different companies from different areas in Portugal to produce its parts. Aside from taking advantage of their expertise to ensure unparalleled quality, this helps to sustain the economy and local communities in those parts.

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