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Voice-activated speaker

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Based on an innovative concept, this smart speaker is always ready to help as soon as it is activated with the “Ok Google” start command. Google Home enables users to access more of the world’s information and offers many exciting new opportunities by just using their voice to interact. Google Home is also impressive for its purist design language. There are no visible buttons or controls on the front of the device. Instead, the user interface is controlled via a sensitive capacitive touch surface that integrates seamlessly into the top of the device, allowing for an uninterrupted silhouette. The use of fabric is indicative of a more human approach to technology as well as acoustic performance. The design employs different materials to make a clear distinction between the different sections of Google Home. The upper plastic part identifies the touch zone, while the lower fabric part is the audio output area. In the spirit of a sleek, small piece of furniture that invites users to interact with it, this smart speaker is designed to blend perfectly into any space or decor.

Statement by the Jury

The Google Home smart speaker fascinates with a sleek design that sets a clear mark. Its form manages the balancing act of being friendly and concise at the same time. There are no control elements on the front panel. The device is operated intuitively via a touch surface on the top and by voice command. Google Home sets new standards in the area of smart speakers and as a voice-controlled personal assistant is an always helpful companion in everyday life.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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