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Google Meet Series One – Board 65

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Experiencing interaction

Virtual meetings and hybrid forms of work arrangements demand video conferencing solutions that allow all participants to participate on an equal footing. With this in mind, the Board 65 of the Google Meet Series One was developed following an interdisciplinary approach to intensify the user experience. Another goal was to develop a unified design that is easy for users to understand while simultaneously promoting the possibilities of this technology. Simple and highly functional, Board 65 also needed to be clearly recognisable as a Google product, with a design language that can adapt to a wide range of requirements. The result is an unobtrusive device with a matt finish and minimal surface texture that fits seamlessly into environments of all sizes. Thanks to its technology, it enables communication that is effective and feels alive. The 12-MP camera mounted on the top of the Board 65 automatically pans, tilts and zooms up to 4.3x, dynamically giving users the experience of everyone being in the same room. A 12-microphone array picks up voices from all sides, with the results enhanced by noise-cancelling technology and reproduced through the integrated high-performance stereo speakers. Together, these mutually reinforcing features create an immersive environment where all participants, regardless of their location, can see and hear each other and contribute equally to the conversation.

Statement by the Jury

With its clear design language, the Board 65 of the Google Meet Series One has an inviting effect on all participants in a video conference. It deliberately recedes into the background in the room and places the sophisticated technology itself in the centre. Adapted to changing conversation situations, the user interface enables lively communication scenarios and authentic conference experiences. This goes hand in hand with well-thought-out and easy-to-understand functionality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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