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Evolutionarily advanced

In the bicycle industry, gravel bikes are still a young segment that explores the possibilities of off-road driving in a creative manner. While their geometry and construction closely resemble those of a road bike, gravel bikes can accommodate much wider tyres. These bikes give riders the advantage of easily escaping road traffic and instead use alternate routes such as gravel or forest paths. With the aim of further improving the riding experience, the design of the Grail CF is focused around a new, path-breaking concept of comfort. Based on a form that is perfectly tailored to meet off-road requirements, the handlebar can effectively absorb both shocks and bumps. Another key element of the design is the innovative construction of the seat tube featuring an leaf spring configuration in combination with an integrated clamp. All in all, these two components contribute to an outstandingly comfortable riding experience especially on difficult paths. In addition to purely functional aspects, aesthetic and form were also of high significance: the linear, functional and at the same time innovative design of the Grail CF clearly conveys its technical quality, directly reflecting the bike’s properties including simplicity, dynamics and functional precision. The integrated cockpit provides a seamless transition between top tube and stem, highlighting the innovative, integrative silhouette of this gravel bike.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the Grail CF skilfully visualises the unique performance of this gravel bike, making it clearly visible even at first glance. The innovative frame design and the sophisticated construction of the handlebar and seat tube all lead to a special experience of comfort and riding pleasure. The clear, consistent design language is complemented by a high recognition value. The Grail CF exudes a modern, contemporary and very dynamic appeal.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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