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Greedy Germ

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The animated protagonists of the film “Greedy Germ” live in a microscopically small world. They are organisms and germs, friendly and timid little creatures that help each other. One day, however, a mysterious intruder appears and ruthlessly destroys their peaceful coexistence. The story was inspired by students’ reflections on pressing issues, such as the subject of food safety. Through the example of the destroyed life structures of the creatures in the film, “Greedy Germ” wants to illustrate that obtaining power is always linked to having a direct effect on society. Abusing power as well as blindly following orders will inevitably lead to injustice. The film aims to point out the significance of the actions of each individual and thus the responsibility they have for the next generation.

Statement by the Jury

With its extraordinary style, the animation “Greedy Germ” stirs the audience’s emotions. This work is outstanding because it uses an easy, visual and iconic language in combination with typical game sound elements. The animated characters are convincing in terms of colours and movements. The story is well structured and inspires the audience to think about a highly relevant issue.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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