Grit - Resistance Training Shoes

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GRIT is a pair of resistance training shoes that replicate the experience of training on soft sand, wherever an athlete may be. The sole of the shoe mimics sand training and tire out the leg muscles more quickly. The shoe aims to increase the amount of energy required to train, build leg strength and reduce post-workout soreness. This provides athletes with intense but effective training in a short time. GRIT is meant to be used only in training sessions. Come game day, playing without GRIT makes performing considerably easier for any athlete. The construction of the shoe is unique because the foot is nested in a lattice sole. When the foot strikes the ground, the lattice collapses and dissipates the energy from impact, making the experience extremely non-impactful on the bones. When the athlete transfers body weight to the front of the foot, the structure of the sole is designed to sink, countering the athlete's motion forward. When the foot has lifted off the ground, the lattice sole relapses to its original form, ready for the next step. GRIT is designed to embody the mindset of an athlete that continuously pushes their limits. It creates a new category of training shoes and a new philosophy for footwear. In manufacturing and assembly, GRIT contains just two main pieces—a fabric knit sock is slipped into a 3D printed recyclable lattice sole. Unlike traditional shoes, the materials are easily separated and recyclable post-use. Furthermore, it does not require tooling moulds for the outsole, thus reducing cost dramatically. Leveraging Adidas' Futurecraft 3D printing platform, GRIT is also created based on a personalised fit using the biometric data of each customer. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Recreation

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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