GT Surge U

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The GT Surge U redefines how palm batteries should be held, used, carried, and recycled. Its four variable heat settings give users the ability to find the perfect temperature ranges for the widest range of extracts, without sacrificing vapour production or flavour profiles. Its slim, rounded design fits perfectly into the palms of users’ hands and reduces ergonomic stressors with a strategically placed, toggle button that can be easily accessed by any finger. Its unique countersunk button shape allows users to view the battery’s LED lights when switching between heat settings while the device is in use, and its aluminium-alloy unibody frame can be disassembled with ease and recycled properly.  The GT Surge U has both draw and push-button activation capabilities, making it the ideal palm battery for users of all experience levels, including those who suffer from arthritis and other dexterity-restrictive medical conditions. Customisable with more than a dozen surface finish and secondary treatment options, the GT Surge U is also the first palm battery designed with a USB-C charging connection, facilitating charging times one hour shorter than the industry average.  Simply put, the GT Surge U breaks the mould for palm batteries and is destined to inspire copies and imitations for years to come. It truly is power, redefined.  Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Interaction & User Experience

Red Dot

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