Guiding Zodiac Old Tree Tea

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In its long, 5,000 years of history, tea has always had a strong influence on Chinese food culture. The packaging for “Guiding Zodiac Old Tree Tea” combines the distinctive cultural characteristics of the famous and many-hundred-year-old Yunnan tea tree with the traditional Chinese zodiac signs to form an outstanding design: the silhouettes of the 12 zodiac animal heads were punched into the lid of the black cardboard box, revealing a clear view of the differently coloured and finely contoured zodiac animal heads at the bottom of the package. These pick up on the association with the ancient powerful tea tree, tracing the shape of the various zodiac signs to finely crafted effect. At first glance, the elaborately processed, high-quality box looks rather unobtrusive and reserved on the outside, only to reveal on the inside the tradition and history of the tea tree, and thus the quality of the tea, in an artistically refined manner.

Statement by the Jury

The packaging design for this tea fascinates with a sophisticated combination of illustrations and punching technology, which was used to create a well-thought-out, aesthetically novel highlight in the form of the cut-out zodiac animal heads featuring on the lid. With its excellently implemented individual graphic elements, the chosen colouring and overall high-standard craftsmanship, this packaging has emerged as a high-quality work.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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