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Stylish all-rounder

Many municipalities, such as the Danish city of Copenhagen, place bicycles at the centre of the mobility of the future. Gustav is a highly functional all-rounder for use on the road, offering commuters plenty of comfort for their daily rides. At first glance, this stylish bike impresses with a clear design idiom that makes all elements fit together harmoniously. Its appearance is marked by the aluminium front rack that is firmly connected to the frame. Embodying an elegant, creative solution, the bike offers many functional advantages in everyday use. The front rack does not swivel out, allowing even heavier objects to be carried safely and without upsetting the balance when steering around corners. The safe transportation of anything from picnic baskets to parcels is ensured by a specially developed strap system for secure fastening. In addition, Gustav is highly comfortable. Its innovative frame geometry features a longer head tube and shorter stem to promote a comfortable cycling position. Thanks to the wider tyres, even cobblestone streets and roads with uneven surfaces can be mastered easily. Gustav can be fitted with a two-speed SRAM Automatix hub for automatic gear shifting or with an eight-speed Shimano Nexus internally geared hub. This smart concept for smoother city rides is rounded off by the elegant form of the lighting neatly built into the Curana fenders.

Statement by the Jury

The design of Gustav impressively combines a modern appearance with a tangible sense of tradition. The clear and balanced design language appeals especially to users who are looking for practical simplicity and good performance to complement their lifestyle. This bike is highly functional in everyday life. With its innovative frame geometry comprising a longer head tube and shorter stem, as well as wider tyres, it offers a maximum of comfort even on rough roads.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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