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The global news channel Al Jazeera English wanted people to know that it goes beyond the headlines to find real human stories that matter. In trips around the world, these real human stories were captured, giving six people from Rwanda, India, Spain, Jordan and the Philippines a platform to share their incredible stories on TV and in online films. They were deliberately directed in an elegant cinematic style, marrying the aesthetics of film with a candid documentary style narrative. This brought not only the unbelievable human stories to life, showing people living in very humble conditions, admirably refusing to be browbeaten, but also shows the beautiful backdrop of each country in a fresh, powerful and visually captivating manner. Reaching thousands of people online and millions via TV, this campaign did not only position a brand, it injected humanity back into the news and gave a voice to those who are often forgotten about by other platforms and networks.

Statement by the Jury

These six films represent important work on a crucial topic. The stories they tell impress both in terms of content with the engagement and exemplary defiance of the individual protagonists featured, as well as formally: it is also the extraordinary backdrops, images and sounds that make this impressive production emerge as a technically outstanding work.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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