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The puristic look of the panoramic gas hob is based on its generously proportioned surface area, made of high quality glass ceramic. With regard to an ergonomically comfortable use, the four gas burners were arranged side by side. As the wok burners, with a range of 0.2 kW (simmer setting) to 5.7 kW (wok power), are positioned on the left and right side, there is enough space for larger pots. Two patented burners were positioned in the centre. Their operation is energy efficient and ensures a clean combustion. At the front panel, each cooking zone has its own digital timer for setting the cooking time of the burner. After the end of the cooking time, the respective burner is automatically turned off. Furthermore, all burners can be simultaneously turned off at just one touch of a button. The interestingly designed pan supports are made of cast iron and have a dishwasher-safe enamel coating.

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