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Modern mobility

Electric mobility is a future-oriented alternative to the established use of internal combustion engines for vehicles. The design task is always to find the right forms for this constantly evolving electric technology. The Honda e has been developed with a focus on functionality and a new design approach that has led to an impressive formal clarity. The innovative technology of this fully electric vehicle goes hand in hand with a clean and almost flowing exterior appearance. The essential functional elements such as the lamps, the radar sensors and a multi-view camera all sit behind a continuous black panel. The distinctive attention-grabbing circular headlight clusters and the resulting “human face” make the overall rather restrained design of the Honda e turn into a true eye-catcher. This striking effect is further enhanced by the two-tone design with an all-black roof cabin in combination with wide positioned tires. These design aspects emphasise the compactness of the car and lend the exterior a distinctively dynamic accent, while the design of the interior offers a comfortable lounge-like feel thanks to the application of a mélange-style sofa upholstery fabric that is pleasant to the touch. In addition, the sophisticated high-end interface of the Honda e with its wide dual screen has been designed for an intensive usability experience, making this electric vehicle turn into a fully integrated part of a modern lifestyle.

Statement by the Jury

The clear forms of the Honda e have emerged to epitomise the idea of an entirely novel electric vehicle with a modern, young and fresh design. This effect continues in the interior with a harmonious combination of high-quality materials and a futurist-looking instrument panel. The powerful drive offers a special experience, as the car is driven with just one pedal. Furthermore, highly convenient are the numerous innovative assistance systems.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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