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Diakonie Deutschland is a charitable organisation with an influential social voice. As the point of contact for ten million people in all areas and at all stages of life, it is one of the largest German charity organisations with over 500,000 employees. In order to promote the charity and communicate its significance intelligibly, an entirely new visual language was developed. The intention of the redesign was to be direct yet dignified, concrete yet playful and emotional. The solution consists of simple succinct illustrations that attract attention with their eye-catching style, allowing both difficult and hopeful issues to be visualised effectively. A motif was created for each of the charity’s various areas where help is offered, treating issues in a clear, catchy way without resorting to clichés. The illustrations expand the charity organisation’s communicative options across all media by taking a new and progressive approach to social marketing. <br>

Statement by the Jury

The illustrations of the new visual language for Diakonie Deutschland fascinate with their simple yet striking vividness. They succeed in getting to the point thanks to a basal, eye-catching style, clearly conveying to anyone what the various areas of the organisation are about. Even daunting topics are transported in a fresh and appealing manner, so that the campaign reaches its goal of a clear and unambiguous communication.

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