HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553

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Ever since computers found their way into work environments, the aesthetics of printers have also been adjusted to fit daily office routines. Both devices often constitute a formal unity. However, the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553 is a powerful colour laser printer with a purist appearance that also allows it to stand on its own. It impresses with clear radii and well-balanced proportions. Since even the vents are concealed, nothing distracts from its pure form. This printer was designed for modern office environments, into which it blends seamlessly, yielding an almost iconic look. An innovative feature is the combination of intelligent, media-oriented technology and a specially developed toner for extremely low energy consumption and lower overall costs. It also achieves very good print results in work groups, and even prints two-sided documents with the same speed as one page. Moreover, this printer offers highly user-friendly operation, featuring a colour combination that enhances interaction during printing tasks. Ergonomically shaped side-pull handles make opening and closing it easy. The printer merges traditional, familiar functionality with an elegant progressive appearance to present an image of an overall harmonious whole, designed for modern office environments.

Statement by the Jury

With its perfectly implemented purism, the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553 exudes an elegant appearance. Each detail is consistently honed, featuring a carefully crafted technology inside that also fascinates. Based on a sophisticated, intelligent printing technique and a specially developed toner, this user-friendly printer delivers excellent printing results with very low energy consumption.

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