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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a legally non-binding resolution consisting of 30 articles promulgated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. As these rights are important for everyone, but they are far from being respected all over the world, the Human Rights Tattoo project was launched. Since 2012, Human Rights Tattoo is tattooing the 6,773 letters of this declaration one by one on 6,773 people worldwide. People of different cultures and various groups are to be inspired to stand up for human rights in their own way, for example, by taking a tattoo, simply donating or simply making their voices heard otherwise. Together, all participants in their commitment to the campaign form a movement and a living artwork of individual letters. The website thus connects people across all borders. It shares their exciting stories as well as their individual motivation to get the tattoo in order to feel part of a larger community with the common goal of together forming a front for equal rights worldwide.

Statement by the Jury

This extraordinary project sees itself as a committed defender of human rights and, in so doing, literally gets under the skin. Through their individual letter tattoo, the participants are all part of a work of art and together are a personification of human rights. This radical idea is as great as it is pertinent because, beyond compromise, it gets straight to the heart of the issue and the reality of the message. The stories on the website complement the relevance of the work and its quality outstandingly.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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