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Humans 2 Oceans (H2O) aims to provide a robust solution for real-time data collection and analysis of the world’s oceans in order to fight climate change and conserve ocean health. The initiative combines digital and physical interfaces, including a cloud-based platform and a specialised data collection device. The unique data collection device used by H2O is at the heart of its operations. This is a compact, user-friendly piece of equipment that can be deployed on any marine vessel, from large research ships to small fishing boats. The device collects a variety of critical ocean health data, including temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and depth. Along with the physical device, H2O offers a digital cloud-based platform that aggregates and visualises the data collected by the devices in real-time. The platform is engineered for ease of use, facilitating access to a diverse range of users, from ocean scientists and conservationists to enthusiasts and ordinary individuals interested in ocean health.

H2O hopes to catalyse widespread participation in monitoring and protecting the ocean’s health by democratising ocean data collection and visualisation. In addition to being a device and platform, it is envisaged as a community of users who are passionate and eager to contribute to their efforts in ocean conservation. By collaborating with organisations with the same goals, H20 hopes to broaden its reach and impact. One of such collaborations is with Nokia Bell Labs, which provides the cloud data platform that allows H2O to aggregate and visualise data. H2O is unique in that it combines hardware (data collection device) and software (cloud platform) in a unified strategy to collect, analyse, and visualise ocean health data. It harnesses the power of crowdsourcing to address one of the world’s most pressing issues, climate change, and by leveraging a vast, untapped resource: the thousands of vessels that traverse our oceans on a daily basis. By making it easier and more cost-effective to gather critical ocean data, H2O is poised to revolutionise our understanding of the state of our oceans and how best to protect them. Its model enables unprecedented levels of accessibility and scalability in data collection, opening up new avenues for research and conservation. H2O is more than a product; it is an ecosystem for data-driven ocean conservation by combining technology, community involvement, and strategic partnerships to ensure a healthier future for our oceans. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Sustainability

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