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Husqvarna Forest Helmet Technical

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Forestry work is hard and challenging even in our times. It poses high demands on the equipment, since something unexpected may occur at any time. The Husqvarna Forest Helmet Technical perfectly suits this kind of work. It features an innovative, forward-focusing design in order to provide lumberjacks with maximum comfort and safety. The design is inspired by the shapes of stamped sheet-metal expressing strength, stability and full protection. In addition, the helmet is very light and well balanced. A central aspect of its sophisticated functionality is the ease with which the forest helmet can be adjusted. It can be intuitively adjusted to individual head shape, and hence fits perfectly. The helmet impresses with an entirely conclusive design, which encompasses an innovative visor system, harness, UV indicator, ventilation system and reflectors. The visor system is fully integrated and builds a formal unity with the helmet, while the strong top part forms the connection with the helmet shell, protecting the hinges. A sturdy chin protector, that is also precisely adjustable, furthermore communicates a sense of protection. The design objective to provide a better protection of the face has been implemented in an overall highly successful way. Lumberjacks are provided with an unobstructed view on the task in front of them, allowing them to pursue their work comfortably and fully protected.

Statement by the Jury

The Husqvarna Forest Helmet Technical is perfectly tuned for hard forestry work. Its forward-focusing design allows lumberjacks to concentrate on their work. This forest helmet features an excellent fit and can be adjusted comfortably to individual needs. Its harmonious design encompasses well thought-through details such as an innovative visor and an efficient ventilation system in a highly consistent manner.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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