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HUSSECHUCK is a fire extinguisher with an entirely new concept. A special focus was put on its visible and tangible aesthetics as well as on the durability of its materials. After all, it may stay mounted on the wall somewhere for a long time and must be safe from theft. With its flat body, it also fits into narrow corridors; when operated, it provides the user with voice instructions. For user-friendly handling, it can be easily and singlehandedly taken down and put into operation intuitively. It includes a protective shield against heat or broken glass, a notification function and additional modules such as a flashlight, a fire blanket, a first-aid kit and a gas mask.

Statement by the Jury

HUSSECHUCK redefines the concept of the fire extinguisher with models that focus on design and functional qualities. With many details that may come in handy in case of fire, it presents itself as very well-conceived and serviceable.

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