Hybrid Air Conditioner

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Friendly climate

As autonomous systems, air conditioners in homes, offices and public spaces provide both heating and fresh air, creating a pleasant spatial atmosphere. The Hybrid Air Conditioner follows a new approach in terms of user-oriented form and function, making it not only easily accessible but also integrating users and their needs. The design features smooth and round lines of emotionalising appeal. The design idiom appeals to the senses and at the same time visualises the highly advanced technology. With the aim to promote wellbeing and health, this air conditioner not only supports the room climate but also improves air quality. In order to keep the room quality constant at all times, an integrated filter cleans both the prevalent room air and inflowing outside air. Another innovative design feature is the unit’s innovative self-cleaning function, which, thanks to a UV light and integrated brushes, cleans and disinfects the filters on a regular basis. A light signal that is visible through the perforated plastic front indicates when the unit is in self-cleaning mode, thus addressing the need for safety and security of the people in the room. With its clear, unobtrusive design and natural appearance, the Hybrid Air Conditioner emerged as a friendly-looking and reliable partner within the user’s personal private sphere.

Statement by the Jury

The Hybrid Air Conditioner brings a fresh breeze into an otherwise rather tradition-defined area. It fascinates with its smooth and soft appearance that blends well into almost any interior. It impresses with technical details, among them an outstandingly innovative self-cleaning function. The organic and functional design of this air conditioner pushes the boundaries of traditional design in many respects.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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