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HyperMat is an innovative workout product that eliminates all limitations to working out. It serves as a set-up for various types of workouts that can be carried out in any setting. HyperMat folds into a stylish sports bag for convenience and portability, allowing it to accommodate more items than just the HyperMat accessories to meet all of the user's workout needs. An inflated HyperMat creates an unstable surface, which aids in the training of the user's stability and core strength, and increases the intensity of freehand training. Turning the knob on the yoga bricks will automatically inflate them. They can also be stacked to create different heights to assist a workout. The charm on the strap is a training equipment hand pump that can be used to pump extra air to increase workout strength. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Sports and Recreation

Red Dot

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