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Toasty Minimalism

A heated towel rail can make the bathroom at home feel noticeably cosier. Particularly in between seasons when the central heating is no longer or not yet on, an electrically heated towel rail makes the prospect of washing and other daily personal hygiene activities in chilly times less daunting as it radiates welcoming warmth. The I Ching heated towel rail modules also have other features to offer. They stand out for their successful minimalist stylistic idiom and clean lines. The modules are available in different lengths and can be installed in a variety of ways: horizontally or vertically, individually or grouped. The heating elements can, in fact, almost be used like graphic elements on the wall. That also won over the jury. “What makes the I Ching heated towel rail so captivating, is the systematic minimalism and modular composition. It thus offers users a wide variety of options for arrangement on the wall,” was the reason the jury gave for the award. The starting point for the concept behind the heated towel rail was a radical form simplification and the desire to achieve a construction that is as flat as possible. The stainless-steel modules are 4 cm wide and can be supplied in four different lengths. A sturdy bracket made of the same material is used to mount I Ching on the wall. Once again, there are multiple options for doing so: the towel rail modules can be attached asymmetrically with a single fixture on one side, leaving the rest of the heating element floating, or with two side brackets. If positioned vertically, the distance to the wall is calculated to ensure there is sufficient space for hanging up rolled-up towels. The heated towel rail is available in an electric version and can also be fitted with an on/off switch for manual operation or a digital, wireless thermostat that meets Ecodesign standards. The latter can be programmed by the user for the entire week, which is very convenient and helps to save energy. In spite of all these technical refinements, I Ching has no visible cables or technical components, thus underscoring its purist, elegant appearance.

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