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The IBM Cloud Satellite enables hospitals, banks and government agencies to use cloud services in their on-premises servers. These organisations are subject to strict regulations as they process personal data that must be stored on-site rather than in cloud data centres. With Satellite, these companies are able to use cloud services such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain meaningful insights and provide better service to their customers. The structured and easy-to-understand system was designed to allow users to set up this complex cloud architecture in just a few clicks, rather than having to manually complete nearly 100 steps. With the help of clear templates, this lengthy process was simplified to a task of just 15 minutes. Learning tiles have been added at key points in the user journey to provide information where it is needed. In addition, an onboarding experience guides users through the most important tasks. The result is a simple, powerful interface that enables regulated organisations to adopt previously inaccessible cloud services.

Statement by the Jury

What is special about the IBM Cloud Satellite is that it enables organisations to integrate services from different providers and at the same time configure their own servers and integrate them into the organisation’s internal system with just a few clicks. This functionality is highly innovative and has not only been set up in a technically quickly understandable way, but also implemented in a visually appealing design.

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