Shipping System for Microtissues


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Safe transit

Companies and laboratories in the international medical industry are all highly specialised and dispatching living microtissue is an everyday task for them. Getting the materials reliably to their destinations across sometimes very long transport routes is a challenge. The InFloat packaging has been developed against the background that especially plates of valuable microtissue need safe conditions during transit, as they can quickly be damaged. Based on a perfectly thought-out design, it ensures secure transport of live micro-organs that need to be sent to pharmaceutical labs worldwide. The packing solution protects the sensitive micro-organs by integrating all elements in a highly conclusively manner. Cooling packs ensure a constant temperature to support microtissue health during transit. The system is designed as a free-floating spherical container that floats on water inside a square-shaped shipping box, keeping the micro-organs from accidentally being flipped upside down. This construction, which is impressive in both its effectiveness and reliability, permits the inner box to rotate in all directions to prevent damage in case of rough carrier handling. Made of a robust material and featuring a compact design, the outer box is stackable and safely absorbs impact during shipping.

Statement by the Jury

This system for the shipping of living microtissues is characterised by its perfectly aligned functionality. To ensure safe transit conditions, the design uses a sophisticated construction comprising nested containers. Thanks to gravity as it is swimming in a water-filled cube, the freely floating sphere is held at the right position and, with it, the microplates in the ball are kept in a horizontal position at any time.

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