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When every detail makes sense

Since 1875, the Swiss manufacture Audemars Piguet has been making watches in the haute horlogerie tradition, the equivalent of the haute couture in the world of fashion. Since back then, the watchmakers’ workplaces have been repeatedly improved and readapted, but never completely rethought. Innospace is based on a fundamental redesign of these workbenches. To this end, all work processes in watchmaking were first analysed and the workstations then optimised in both ergonomic and technical terms. The result is an innovative, computer-supported workbench that can be flexibly adapted to the physical needs of individual watchmakers. It offers approximately 80 different settings and is automatically set up as desired using an RFID chip when a user logs in at the bench. A modular drawer system also makes it easy for workers to switch between workbenches. A patented arm and chin support system helps reduce musculoskeletal problems and the non-reflective surface coatings on the worktable are easy on the eyes. The clear layout of the worktop ensures that the necessary tools are always within easy reach, while the connection and charging options integrated into the workbench make cables obsolete. The design of the workbench skirt features a horizontally aligned golden band and is inspired by a link chain. This band visually connects the individual workstations with each other and conveys a calm and harmonious overall appearance even when the worktops are set at different heights.

Statement by the Jury

Following a user-centred design, Innospace creates a working environment in which even the smallest detail has been carefully thought out and specifically crafted. As a result, Innospace optimises workflows and offers outstanding adaptability and ergonomics. The overall impression is well-balanced and elegant, lending the workbenches a prestigious appeal befitting a luxury watchmaker.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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