Red Dot Design Award
Interactive Installation

Inside Tumucumaque – A Virtual Reality Experience

Inside Tumucumaque – A Virtual Reality Experience | Red Dot Design Award

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The Tumucumaque National Park is a nature reserve in the northwest of Brazil that is currently under threat. This interactive VR experience, which premiered at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, allows users to immerse themselves in the middle of this Amazonian rainforest area and slip into the role of five different endemic animals. Based on scientific research, the animals’ senses are interpreted both visually and haptically. Allowing users to swim, hunt, fly and play freely with the animals, the installation evokes a new sense of empathy for the endangered rainforest inhabitants.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH / Filmtank GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Design:
    Artificial Rome GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Ina Krüger Patrik de Jong
  • Illustration:
    Dirk Hoffmann
  • Art Direction:
    Dirk Hoffmann Robert Werner Nico Alexander Taniyama (3D Lead)
  • 3D Design/Animation:
    Christian Rambow Dana Würzburg
  • Technical Design:
    Sebastian Hein (Lead) Hui-Yuan Tien Dennis Timmermann
  • Sound Design:
    Christian Barth Julian Ferreira da Silva
  • Project Management:
    Florian Köhler Jochen Watral Kristin Sperling
  • Production:
    Diana Schniedermeier Michael Grotenhoff Saskia Kress
Inside Tumucumaque – A Virtual Reality Experience | Red Dot Design Award
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