InsitumCT Zero

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InsitumCT Zero is a CT scanner that integrates rigidity, precision and flexibility to enable multiple scanning modes both horizontally and vertically. With an aperture of 1100mm, it way surpasses traditional CT scanners (usually with an aperture of 700mm) with its extra-large aperture and multi-mode scanning capability. InsitumCT Zero introduces development in clinical scenarios that include emergency treatment, hybrid operating, cyst punctures and tumour probing. Its extra-large aperture (2.5 times the regular CT scanner) offers greater possibilities in the integration of diagnosing, treating and operating. With the two mechanical robots of surgery and motion working together seamlessly, InsitumCT Zero shortens the route from diagnosis to treatment and minimises the risk of further injuring patients when moving them in an emergency setting. In a hybrid operating room, InsitumCT Zero also enables doctors to shorten surgery time by confirming or adjusting treating plan. One-stop probing and treatment brings more precision to patients who require RT Location and Proton Therapy. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Ready to Launch | Life Science

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