Interactive Illuminative Knitwear

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Interactive technology transforms conventionally passive garments into customisable fashion with colour illumination that adapts to the needs of the wearer. The immediate adaptability of Interactive Illuminative Knitwear enables fashion consumers to intuitively change the colour of their outfits based on their preferences and needs, extending the garment’s longevity and reducing the need to purchase multiple outfits for colour matching needs. The following are the key product innovations of Interactive Illuminative Knitwear: The patented structure is the first POF knitted textile that can be produced on industrial flatbed machines for scalable production; the immediate customisation and interactivity enabled by integrated components and mobile phone application; and the knitted structure can be knitted into shaped pieces, and constructed into garments with zero waste. Knitted POFs, when combined with textile-based yarns, create a stretchable and comfortable textile with seamless technology integration. The illuminative textile is made of polymeric optical fibres (POFs) and textile-based yarns (such as wool, cotton, and upcycled yarns). The textile has the soft and malleable feel of everyday knitwear, allowing technology to be seamlessly integrated into everyday fashion items. When coupled with a light source, POFs are light transmitters. The light passes through the fibre’s core, and the textile is cool to the touch. A special treatment is applied to the lateral surface of the fibre to allow for even illumination on the fabric’s surface. Laundry tests performed in accordance with AATCC 135-2018 revealed no macro effects. Interactive Illuminative Knitwear comprises of a patented knit textile structure, a self-developed controller chip, and integrated BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology that can be accessible via a mobile phone application. The controller chip is unique in that it can be adapted to different light sources depending on the garment’s illumination requirements. The power-conserving BLE technology enables the mobile application to synchronise with a single or multiple garments and can provide control range of up to 10 metres. Besides immediate colour customisation, the significant advantages of this illumination knitwear are product longevity, zero waste production, an interactive platform, and comfort. Conventionally passive garments are transformed into an interactive platform that engages both the wearer and the viewer, while eliminating additional waste caused by cut-and-sew production in woven and jersey textiles. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Fashion and Accessories

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