Kitchen Sink in Stainless Steel

Intra Eligo

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Especially when serving a party with many different courses, used pots alongside other kitchen utensils tend to pile up in the kitchen sink. Often the available space is simply not sufficient and chaos starts to reign. Such a scenario was the starting point for the design of the Intra Eligo kitchen sink. The innovative kitchen sink concept follows a fundamentally new approach aimed at making work in the kitchen easier. The sink features several smart functions that can be activated and operated using a piezo switch through the actual stainless steel surface. These functions include opening the water for the dishwasher, which also reduces the risk of water damage, or the “scraper” for lifting sink bottom residue and easy garbage removal. Another highly functional solution for daily kitchen work is presented by the flexible wall, which allows users to divide the sink into two separate bowls. Other sophisticated details include an easy-to-clean colander, a cutlery basket and a hinged chopping board with full- or half-size use. The Intra Eligo kitchen sink features soft and sharp radiuses, promises a pleasant tactile user experience and showcases a thoroughly clean design. With a language of form that skilfully merges soft and hard surfaces with user-friendly layout and functionality, this kitchen sink incorporates a real life-proven interpretation of these desirable elements.

Statement by the Jury

The concept of the Intra Eligo kitchen sink offers users enchanting novel functionality based on smart technologies. Several features are operated via a touch panel, and the sink bowl can divide into two, rearranging the available space for a more effective work process. Designed with soft radiuses and clear lines, this concept also integrates a wide range of practical solutions that bring more ease and convenience to everyday work in the kitchen.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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