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Beautiful interplay

The quote “The details are not the details. They make the design.”, which is attributed to the designer Charles Eames, references the logic of good designs. The design aim of the IRIO floor lamp was to offer a maximum volume and variability of light coming in a minimalist and understated language of form, all complemented by sophisticated functionality. The three luminaire heads can be moved freely to any position along the linkage using magnetic contacts, as well as rotated or tilted as needed. This allows various light scenarios to be played out easily to suit any given space and intended use. Another key aspect of the innovative design is the featured attachable optic, as it also offers the option to concentrate the beam angle and thus turn the lamp into a reading light. Two buttons on the linkage make it easy to operate the lamp from a sofa. In addition, users can also switch on or dim separately both the indirect light with two luminaire heads and the direct / reading light with one luminaire. When dimming, the light colour automatically adjusts from pure white at full intensity to a muted, reddish candlelight feel. The lamp impresses with a very high colour rendering of CRI 90+. The main switch is integrated into the base, so that the lamp can be disconnected entirely to stop it from consuming standby power. For easy set-up, there is an integrated cable storage feature for uncoiling the cable to the desired length and securing it accordingly.

Statement by the Jury

Every detail of the IRIO floor lamp has been perfectly thought out and designed. The innovative use of magnets and the attachable optic are particularly impressive. The three luminaire heads can be conveniently adjusted to point into many directions and used for both direct and indirect lighting. In addition, the lamp lends itself as a reading light as well as for filling the room with an atmospheric light. With its clear aesthetics and clever functionality, it enriches any interior ambience.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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