Jøtul F 162 & 163

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The two cast-iron stoves Jøtul F 162 & 163 have a compact form which combines tradition with individuality. The wood-burning stoves stand firmly on three legs and are reminiscent of highly successful Jøtul products from the 1970s, as well as Arne Jacobsen’s famous three-legged ant chair in particular. Their shape makes it possible to position the stoves along a flat wall and also in a corner. The Jøtul F 163 has large glass panes on the side providing a wide view of the fire. The glass stays particularly clean thanks to a reflective coating which raises the temperature on the inner side of the glass and prevents soot from being deposited. The stoves are very easy to use, as they only have one vent for ignition and primary air and are also available with an optional outside-air connection. The combination of an 80 per cent effectiveness with very low particle emission makes these stoves very efficient and clean.

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