Joker Double

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Wrenches, unlike any other tool, are an extension of the human hand and its possibilities. It allows screws and bolts to be fastened effectively. The design of the Joker Double embodies a convincing reinterpretation of this tool. It is well-balanced, rests safely in the hand and delivers sophisticated functionality. This double wrench features an innovative grip, based on a replaceable metal plate in the jaw. The metal plate features extra hard teeth to securely hold nuts and bolts which not only reduces the risk of dropping them but also the danger of slippage. An additional integrated limit stop also prevents any slippage around the bolt head and thus allows users to apply higher torque. The Joker Double boasts a jaw design with sophisticated double-hex geometry that makes a positive connection with nuts and bolts. The specially forged geometry reduces the otherwise common risk of slippage during fastening jobs, allows for a very high torque transfer and lends this wrench its high stiffness and strength. Since it is made of high-performance chrome molybdenum steel with a nickel-chrome coating, it is robust and possesses high corrosion protection. Available as a single tool or as part of a set, this wrench delivers the safe and effective handling of nuts and bolts in any position.

Statement by the Jury

The Joker Double fascinates with both its ergonomics and functionality. Thanks to an innovative tooth system in the jaw it does not slip off a bolt even when hanging loose. Its sophisticated handle design facilitates safe and reliable fastening. This wrench also delivers a very high torque transfer. The combination of materials lends it a distinctive aesthetic and high durability.

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