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Joyful Anticipation

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“Joyful Anticipation” was conceived to bridge the gap of no communication between the carmaker and its customers, filling the period between vehicle order and delivery of that vehicle months later. The goal is to strengthen customer loyalty in this critical phase and further increase the customer’s anticipation. The “Joyful Anticipation” website allows customers to experience the assembly of their vehicle in real time, further customise their choices, watch videos and information on the individual manufacturing processes and immerse deeper into the brand universe. On request, push messages inform whether the construction of the car has begun, whether the vehicle chassis has been sent to the paint shop or whether the assembly is underway etc. In this way, the emotional bond of customers to both their ordered vehicles and the brand is kept at a constant high without interruption, from the point of ordering a new car up to the handover of their vehicle.

Statement by the Jury

After ordering a new car, buyers are often left on their own, simply waiting for the car to arrive. The digital solution of this website tries to bridge that time. It allows new car buyers to log into the site and see how far along in the assembly process their car is in real time – a highly clever approach towards both engaging loyal customers even further and soothing impatient buyers.

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