Kalkhoff Berleen Advance G10

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The Berleen Advance G10 has been specially designed for big cities. The use of a compact rear-wheel motor and a slim, integrated 20-cell battery ensures that it is barely recognisable as an e-bike. Thanks to its weight of only 19.5 kg, it can be easily transported to the basement or to the apartment. Despite the small dimensions of the drive components, the Berleen provides powerful acceleration and enough energy for a day in the city. The clean concept dispenses with a separate display. Instead, the Bluetooth module integrated into the top tube enables the connection of a smartphone. A free app allows bike computer features, while navigation is possible via Google Maps.

Statement by the Jury

The Berleen Advance G10 e-bike captivates with its clear, distinctive design vocabulary, which, in combination with high functionality, proves to be ideal for urban life.

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